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Minh Hien Huynh

Minh Hien Huynh

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I learned the hard way – Neglecting myself leads to pain and regret

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Chàng trai chăm chỉ học tập trong phong với máy tính

Why should I take care of myself, and how? Growing up, I was always putting others before myself. Whether it was family, friends, or even acquaintances, I was always willing to lend a helping hand. I thought I was doing the right thing.

One day, I took on a massive commitment to my youth project. I skipped meals, didn’t get enough sleep, and rarely found time to exercise. After hours of work, I would just lie down and scroll aimlessly on TikTok, thinking it would help me escape the stress.

Young students are tired and sleeping on the desk with iPad
Young students are tired and sleeping on the desk with iPad

It wasn’t until I developed signs of depression that I realized just how much I had been neglecting myself. Here are a few first lessons I learned on this journey.

1. Don’t Give Up on Goals

You’ll watch an entire Netflix series, even if the first episode is wrong because someone said “ it gets better.” But what if you looked at your goals like that & watched your life get better instead?

2. The Power of Appearance

Taking care of your appearance can boost your confidence and self-esteem, even if you can’t change your physical features much. Don’t let others shame you for paying attention to the details, as small improvements can make a huge difference in how you feel.

3. Prioritize Positive Relationships

Managing the people in your life and deciding who stays and who goes can be the best form of self-care for your well-being and happiness.

4. Maintain Your Privacy

Oversharing can drain your energy, so maintaining your privacy is an important act of self-care to protect your well-being and conserve your energy.

5. Build Meaningful Relationships

Building meaningful relationships when you’re already happy can be an art that requires vulnerability, openness, and investment of time and effort, but can lead to deeper connections and greater fulfillment.

6. Take Care of Your Health

Even when you’re already healthy, prioritizing healthy habits like regular exercise and a balanced diet can be a superpower for your well-being and achieving your goals.

7. Use Obstacles as Opportunities to Grow

Everything you’ve been through has made you stronger, and viewing obstacles as a way to grow and improve can help you keep moving forward toward your goals.

8. Look for companions

You shouldn’t and can’t do everything alone. Find like-minded friends on community groups like on the Facebook group Study with GenZ or the LEAN Social community.

9. Seek Fresh Perspectives

Pushing yourself to constantly see fresh perspectives can help you grow, learn, and adapt in your personal and professional life.

10. Just Chill.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is just to chill and relax, allowing yourself time to rest and recharge for the challenges ahead.

Young girl in a cozy room working with a computer at night

Taking care of myself is a journey that I’m still on, but I’m already seeing the positive effects it has on my life. I’m excited to see where this journey leads me, and I think you can, too <3

What do you think?

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